Wear Tips for Tights Shoes Make sure two components of your outfit match. Don wear tights that are not the same color or in the same color family as your skirt, dress, top or shoes. Nothing hampers an ensemble like wearing a gray skirt with blue tights and valentino handbags black shoes. When your outfit is broken into three different colors, it makes you look shorter and heavier. Examples of effective "rule of twos" outfits include a purple dress with purple tights and chocolate boots and a flowered dress with gray tights and gray pumps.

Monitor the Shade Colored tights are everywhere, and can give an outfit a welcome pop of color, but if you opt to wear tights in the same color family as your shoes, make sure the tights are the same shade or a lighter shade than your shoes: navy pumps and lightblue tights, for instance, rather than the reverse. Pair tan tights with chocolate flats with a green Valentino pencil skirt or rose tights with darker burgundy Mary Janes and a black tunic. For a maroon mini dress, go with heather tights and black riding boots.